Smartphones have conquered the world by storm. The small “high-performance sportsman” can hardly be imagined from our everyday life and is highly sought after by every age group. This also applies to a high degree for tablets. Every form of mobile device enjoys an incredibly high popularity.

One of the providers, for many even the provider par excellence, is certainly Apple. He is considered the original father of the smartphones with touch screen, since the iPhone as the first device could be served only with the finger over the screen.

While the offer from the competition from Google is based on many free apps, the App Store is still considered by many to be the best. This is also clear on the side of software developers, who often first publish their products on the Apple Store.

Also in the field of financial management the selection of different apps is extremely high. Many are the users who swear to manage and control their finances and spending with the help of apps.

In order to see the trees still visible, the three best apps for the iPhone are presented, which are to help with the personal expenses management.

Expense Tracker 2.0 Financial Assistant

expence tracker

The Expense Tracker 2.0 Financial Assistant is designed to help users spend enough money every month. In this app you have the possibility to use a built-in financial planner, which can also be adjusted to the budgeting of the income. Secured access to the app via password or Apple’s Touch ID. In addition, an overview of the expenditure and income as a PDF file can be created and the user interface is quite appealing.

Pocket Expense Personal Finance

Why should you get a financial adviser to help if you can download the app “Pocket Expense Personal Finance” on his iPhone. This app is a very functional application that is so full of features and settings. The presentation is very good, so that the user very quickly gets a good understanding of his expenses. Furthermore, the analysis can be broken down to a year, month or week, even a day. Also with this app everything is password protected and is also secured via Wi-Fi as a back-up.

Money Control

money control

Some apps promise so much that you can not miss the download. One of these is Money Control, which can be a great deal of promise. The special thing about this app is the fact that you can save data via Dropbox and view it from the Dropbox account. This is a free solution, but offers an in-app purchase of a special kind. For a small fee, the function is enabled, with which you can upload via photo receipts, which are automatically scanned and added to the output. Furthermore, you have the possibility to manage several account numbers while repetitive payments such as rent or telephone are automatically added to the output field.